French Women Don't Get Fat

On Saturday, my whole family had dinner at Adam's house. Afterwards, all the kids went to go play wii fit. Except I refused to do the body test because I didn't want Adam to find out how much I weigh.

Later that evening, I realized that since we're getting married in six months and all, we should probably get everything out in the open. So, I brought out the scale and let Adam in on my biggest secret. In exchange, he will be watching all three seasons of Friday Night Lights with me.

The truth is that Adam and I weigh basically the same amount, even though I'm a foot shorter than him. I'm hoping that this will change by the time we get married. Maybe I'll pick up some tips from those glamorous French women while I'm overseas this semester?

Or I could actually start working out.


  1. Sigh. French women do everything correctly.

  2. Oh gosh, that made me laugh! It's good you got that out in the open!

    If you learn the secret ways of the French, let me know!

  3. There's been one day in our entire marriage where my husband has outweighed me.

    It was an awesome day.

    Wait until you're pregnant...that's when it really gets fun. I outweighed Jared by 47 pounds this time around. Man I felt sexy.

  4. what a funny post. too bad i still have the largest me on the wii out of our whole family!


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