Happy Birthday, Scott!

Today my little brother becomes a teenager. They grow up so fast!

Top Five Reasons Why I Love Scott:

1. He says the funniest things. Over Thanksgiving, we were playing Scattergories and the category was Caribbean islands. Scott wrote "Bikini Bottom!"

2. He's a really hard worker. He gets seriously awesome grades and made the top band at his middle school as a seventh-grader.

3. He doesn't get frustrated when we play video games and I pretty much suck. Like in Rock Band when I'm playing the drums but accidentally look at the guitar part on the screen.

4. He is super appreciative when I bake treats for him, even when they don't turn out that great. Like when I made rice krispie treats with leftover cheerios instead.

5. He's always happy to watch a romantic comedy with me, even though he'd probably rather watch something like Avatar.

Shopping break at Tasti-d-lite

Happy Birthday, Scott!


  1. so cute. and yet so true!

  2. I'm glad you were able to be there for your brother's birthday before you went abroad! :-D


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