Loving Lately

1. Google Calendar

I looooooove making to-do lists. And I used to deligently write everything in my agenda. But lately I've started using Google Calendar instead. You can make a separate color-coded calendar for everything from classes to meal planning. And you can share your calendar with other gmail users, so I can figure out when Adam has a big exam coming up. There's also a tasks list that crosses things off when you complete them. The whole thing makes me so excited!

2. Fawlty Towers

Over the summer, I read a book, Our Times, about Britain in the 20th century. The author thought Fawlty Towers was the funniest show BBC has ever produced. We discovered that Netflix had it online and just finished watching the last episode. It's soooooo hilarious!

3. Ticket to Ride

We got Ticket to Ride, which we've dubbed "the train game" as a shower present. And we've been obsessed with it ever since.

4. Monday Nights

On Monday evenings, Adam has a computer science night class. We always alternate between eating at Chick-fil-A or Five Guys so we still get to eat together. That's reason enough for a great night, but when I get home I have the whole apartment to myself to bake a yummy treat for the week, work on a craft project, and watch Gossip Girl. Sometimes you just need some me time, you know?

5. Real Simple 

My awesome mom gave me the Real Simple Wedding Guide and it came with a year-long subscription to my favorite magazine. It's kept me entertained at lunch all this week. I've found so many new recipes to try and I'm totally inspired by their article on decorating with gray. I'm already getting ideas for our next apartment!