All in the Details

We've added a few finishing touches to the apartment over the last month. We finally got our curtains hung up this weekend. The curtain panels are from Ikea, 2 panels for $10. The curtain rods are from Lowes, $20 each. The project cost a total of $120, which is kind of a lot for just curtains. But we figure that white goes with everything, so we'll have these around for a long time.

Here's a close-up of the heart-shaped polaroid display in our bedroom. I scanned a bunch of pictures for my parents over the summer and borrowed a few of my favorite polaroids. I'd really like to get an instant camera and add to this display over the years.

While watching Gossip Girl one evening, I modge-podged the clothespins used in our photo wall.

That fifty cent sheet of scrapbook paper and hour of time made a suprisingly big difference in the room.

We're planning to tackle the last item on our to-do list over the weekend - reupholstering our chair!