Arm Chair: Before & After

Well, folks. We reupholstered our chair this weekend.

Our arm chair and side table {both found on Craig's List} started out like this:

And after a little love, fabric, and spray paint, they ended up looking like this:

Not bad, huh? Here's the cost breakdown of our little reading nook.

Arm Chair - $40
Side Table - $15
Fabric - $65
Staple Gun - $20
Spray Paint - $4

For a grand total of 174 buckaroos. Which is just a bit more than half the cost of my beloved Target slipper chairs.

The makeover isn't quite done yet, though. I love the black and white theme we've got going on, but the space really needs a pop of color in the form of a pillow or throw. And, I also think the lamp {leftover from Adam's dorm days} is a tad tall for the side table. I'd like to find transform one from Goodwill with some spray paint magic. But this little guy might just show up on my Christmas list.