Our Weekend

Even with finals looming, we managed to have quite a fun weekend! On Saturday afternoon, we went to a Pitt basketball game at the Consol Energy Center, where the Penguins play.

Pitt faced their toughest opponent yet, Tennessee.

Sadly, Pitt just had a really off day and lost by seven points.

Ahh, I crack myself up. {About 99% of the time after I make a joke, I start laughing really, really hard. Adam ends up laughing not at the joke itself, but at how hard I'm laughing at my own joke.}

On Saturday night, we went to a Christmas party thrown by Brett {the head FOCUS leader at the Newman Center} and his wife, Natasha.

There was lots of delicious food and good conversation.

The highlight of the party was the white elephant gift exchange. Brett's gift was a live lobster!

We gave two $5 gift cards to our favorite places around campus, Pamela's Diner and Dave & Andy's Ice Cream. We got a random assortment of goodies - chocolate, body spray, and sponges.

The next day, we directed the nativity play at Sunday School. It was both awful and adorable. Then we had a little party with Christmas cookies and a Veggie Tales movie. I'm going to miss my little kiddos so much over the break!