Around the House

The nice thing about classes starting on Wednesday was that professors really only had time to go over the syllabus - meaning last weekend was pretty much free from homework! We had some friends over to play Settlers of Catan, went to a basketball game, watched Mr. Hobbs takes a Vacation {a Jimmy Stewart classic}, and went sledding .... on trays we stole from the cafeteria.

We also did a little rearranging in our apartment. We got our new owl lamp set up in the living room.

Reading Nook - Owl Lamp

Isn't it cute? I think the "reading nook" is officially complete.

Close up of Lamp

Adam hung our new maps from These Are Things over the dresser.

Dresser - New Maps

Here's a close-up. They're kind of amazing.

Close up of Maps

And we filled up our new leather storage bench. It's located at the foot of our bed for now, but I'm thinking it might be a good coffee table in a future apartment.

Bedroom - Storage Bench

This is sort of old news. When we first moved in, the blinds in the kitchen and bathroom were stained, torn, and just plain disgusting. So, I convinced Adam to remove them. Then we realized that the no-blind situation was a little awkward.

Kitchen Window

For the kitchen, we bought white bamboo blinds for $10 at Lowe's.

Bathroom Window

And for the bathroom, Adam's mom graciously sewed us some curtains out of cheery ticking stripe fabric.