Highs and Lows

Highs and Lows


Caitlin: The amazing spring-ish weather we got this week. It's sixty degrees today!

Adam: Finishing his math modeling competition.


Caitlin: Having Mr. Grumpy Pants for a husband. {Adam's been very stressed out and has a cold. Not a good combination.}

Adam: You guessed it, his modern physics lab. He and his lab partner had to redo all their data yesterday {for a lab they've been working on for the last month}. And now he has to write a 14-page lab report before midnight.


  1. yay for springish weather! it's in overload over here. but i do prefer it over the freeeeze we had. not that i can complain!!!! i do live in texas, after all.

  2. you should put a jar of nutella under adam's pillow! maybe that would get the grumpy out of him. it would work for me!

    hows the new pioneer woman's book?1


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