Valentine's Gifts

We didn't exchange thoughtful, romantic Valentine's gifts. Instead, we just used Valentine's Day as an excuse to splurge on a few things we've been wanting. So, we gifted each other some seasons of Everybody Loves Raymond, our favorite show at the moment.

Everybody Loves Raymond

We also purchased a photo book I made compiling all the "growing up" pictures we collected for our wedding slide show.

Growing Up Photo Book

I included "through the ages" pages to list our favorite books, movies, shows, and activities throughout childhood.

Caitlin Through the Ages

Adam Through the Ages

For our anniversary a few years ago, Adam made me a little book telling the story of how we got together. I scanned all the pages and added them to the photo book.

How We Met Page

And the book ends with some high school dating pictures.

High School Dating Page

That brings our photo book total to three - growing up, studying abroad, and getting married. I'm planning on making one for our college years when Adam graduates and then I'll probably start doing them on a yearly basis.

Last, but certainly not least, my lovely parents gifted us with some clothes from Land's End Canvas.

Canvas Two

Canvas One

We're loving our new outfits. Thank you, mom and dad!


  1. So cute! You should have close ups of the drawings from Adam!

  2. awww, I love high school dating photos! I've SO been wanting to buy something from Canvas... maybe I will now that I know you liked the stuff in person!

  3. ahhhh, stop being so cute! and thanks for the valentine's card!

  4. Everybody Does Love Raymond...including me! Sounds like you had a very successful Valentine's. Love your things from Canvas.


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