Break Time

After our theology midterm this afternoon, it will officially be spring break! We're kicking it off with dinner at Chipotle {thank you, buy-one-get-one facebook coupon} and bible study.

We're not doing much for the first half of break. Picking up some extra shifts at work, getting ahead on homework, and giving our apartment a little spring cleaning.

Then Allison and Kailin are coming to visit! I could not be more excited about seeing these two lovely girlies. We are going to show them all our favorite spots around Pittsburgh and take a weekend trip to Washington DC.

Adam and I have been before, way back when we didn't know each other. We were at the nation's capitol for probably the two nerdiest competitions in existence - me for a Latin competition and Adam for Future Cities {an engineering competition}. Yep, we really couldn't get any nerdier. Sadly, I don't have pictures from those trips back in our awkward phase. Too bad for you.

Just chillin' in a vintage boutique

I cannot wait to see these girls!

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