Happy Birthday, Steve!

Today Adam's second-oldest brother, Steve, turns 27! He lives in Pittsburgh too, so we are going to celebrate with him this evening.

Five Random Facts About Steve:

1. He's a teacher at the preschool Pitt runs for it's faculty. He's also getting his master's to become a children's librarian.

2. He plays the mandolin and bass guitar in a band with some of his friends. They call themselves "Sock Market."

3. For their vacation this year, Steve and his wife, Elizabeth, are planning to bike all the way to Washington D.C. That's a five-day bike ride, people.

4. He was the president of Habitat for Humanity when he was in college at Pitt.

5. Last year, he lived in Guatemala for a few months - learning Spanish and volunteering at an orphanage.

{Steve's the one in the blue button-down, standing next to Adam.}

Happy Birthday, Steve!