Organization Around the Web

Organization makes me happy. Here's a few of my favorite tricks from around the web:

Internet Organization

Google Calendar

I love having color-coded tabs for each of my classes, our dinner menu and general happenings. I love that Adam's and my calendars are linked so I can easily figure out what he's got school-wise that week. I love that my to-do list is easily accessed, so I have everything in one place.

Google Docs

I mainly use this for meal planning and tracking our finances {separate posts to come later about those}. But I also use this for keeping random lists at hand, like all the books we've read so far this year, addresses and birthdays of family & friends, and so on. As you can tell, I'm a total Google junkie. I'm also a big fan of Google Reader for my daily dose of blogs.

Amazon Universal Wish List

Whenever we see or think of something we'd like to have, it's added to our Amazon Wish List. There's separate lists for my wants, Adam's wants, and home decor & furnishings.


When I'm reading a blog and see a craft or recipe I'd like to try, I just pin it to one of my Pinterest boards. I also have a board for books I'd like to read, although I've heard Good Reads is really the system for that. Then, when I actually have free time for crafting, baking and reading I'll be able to easily find those links.


You do have to pay about two bucks a month to use this service, but I love using it to organize all my pictures. I haven't gotten most of our old pictures uploaded yet, but I'm saving that for a summer project. I know its crazy, but it gives me a little piece of mind knowing that if something happened to our computer or external hard drive, our pictures would still be safe. Plus, it makes blogging a million times easier because you can just paste the Flickr html code straight into your post, rather than trying to work with Blogger's annoying photo uploader.


I don't actually use this site, but Adam is a big fan. He uses it to easily share files with his research advisor and physics lab partner. Apparently, people like to use Dropbox to hold their personal music library so that they can easily access their favorite songs at work.


  1. ahh, Flickr. So THAT'S how people get past the annoying blogger uploader!! I was always amazed when people wrote posts crammed with pictures. I don't have the patience to put so many, because it's so slow and inconvenient!

  2. ahhh, you are SO organized!


You are awesome.