Waffle Break

Like usual, we spent most of the weekend doing homework. But, there was a bright spot amidst all the studying.

Palm Sunday was the last Sunday School class of the year, so I threw a little party for the kiddos. During class a few weeks ago, I announced that we'd be taking a water break {a trip to the water fountain} and one of my students thought I said waffle break.

So, I surprised them by bringing in our waffle maker. We watched Veggie Tales while snacking on waffles with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. I'm sure their parents appreciated the sugar overload.

Sunday School Class

Of course, I had to snap a picture of everyone in front of our "fish wall." I love this photo because it just shows each of the kid's personalities so well!

You might be wondering...

Are those all the kids in your class? Yep. Since our church is on a college campus, the religious education program is pretty small.

What's with all the fish? Well, Sunday School is an hour and a half long every week. First graders don't really have that kind of attention span. So, we spent the first hour learning and the rest of the time coloring fish and playing "Holy Hangman."

I hope you had a good weekend!

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  1. Kids say the darnedest of things. Waffle Break. You are sweet to cook them waffles. They will always remember that.


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