My Birthday Festivities

On the morning of my birthday, I woke up to a breakfast of blueberry muffins. Then it was off to work, which really wasn't too bad since I basically get paid to read blogs. After a morning of work, I met up with Adam for lunch at one of my favorite spots, Chick-fil-A. Adam only had to work in the morning too because his research advisor was off at a conference.

Shopping at Anthro

Next, we continued the celebration of my favorite things by heading to Anthropologie. The lovely shop gifted me with a 15% off coupon in honor of my birth. I tried on lots of clothes {which Adam was great sport about!} but only ended up purchasing some mini lattle bowls and a pretty copy of Little Women.

Pretty Home in Shadyside

Pretty Home in Shadyside

We grabbed some strawberry-kiwi Snapple to quench our thirst and walked through Shadyside, my favorite Pittsburgh neighborhood, to browse at J.Crew. We loved admiring all the gorgeous Victorian homes as we strolled.

Opening Presents

We walked out of J.Crew empty handed and headed home to open presents! I was the receiver of some very thoughtful and generous gifts, including:

- Some moolah from my parents, who know how much I fun I have shopping.
- A Youcat from my sister and a Target gift card from my brother.
- A pretty sewing box from Adam's parents.
- Two books I've been wanting {Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day and Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook} as well as a cool weighted bookmark from Adam.

Grand Concourse

The fabulous birthday date continued with dinner at the Grand Concourse. It's a beautiful restaurant in an old train station with gorgeous views of the Pittsburgh skyline.

View from the Restaurant

We dined there just last month for my graduation, but it was so good that we had to go there again. Plus, my parents signed us up for their rewards program, which gave us a $25 welcome gift card and a $25 birthday gift card. I chose steak and Adam opted for salmon stuffed with lump crab and spinach. Such a delicious meal! And the best part was that it only cost $20 bucks with the tip.

Birthday Dinner

Then, we went to the movies to see Bridesmaids. Going to the movies is a rare treat for us, but since Thursdays is student discount night, we decided to treat ourselves. I had originally wanted to see Something Borrowed, but I chose Bridesmaids instead because it got much better reviews and I knew Adam would enjoy it more. The weird sex scene and use of the f-word was quite unnecessary, but overall it was an hilarious movie and we really enjoyed it!

Birthday Cake

We ended the evening with birthday cake, of course. Adam is not a fan of baking at all, but he did a great job making the strawberry cake I requested. I think I'll let him off the hook next year, though, and ask for an ice cream cake from Dave and Andy's!


  1. I'm glad you liked your present! :D

  2. Happy late birthday!! It looks like you had lots of fun! Congrats on your new job, too! And how fun that they did a skit about y'all! Too cool!


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