Real Life

So, I realize that from reading this blog, one might get the impression that I'm a great homemaker. I mean, I'm always sharing crafts and recipes. Our home appears to be really clean and organized.

I do really care about homemaking. I've had a lot of time for it recently. I'm just working thirty hours a week at the moment. And we don't have kids yet.

But, I definitely don't have things figured out. You may remember that I burnt our comforter last month by sticking it in our too small dryer. We used to have a rug in our living room, but the edges would never lay flat, so I tried to iron them. Well...I burnt that too.

The events of yesterday afternoon further illustrate my ineptitude.
  • I spent an hour scrubbing the bath tub because I air dried a new dress in there and it dripped black dye all over the tub.
  • I spent another hour scrubbing spray adhesive out of the carpet because I was too lazy to use it outside.
  • I dyed my black pants with black dye because I got a bleach spot on them. Because I've never listened to my mom's warnings about only using bleach while wearing old clothes. The black dye didn't adhere to the bleach spot, but I did manage to get it on my shoes and the kitchen rug. {Luckily, I was able to get it off the rug and my shoes were already in severely bad shape.}
  • I stuck our bathroom rug in the washer and followed the directions on the tag exactly, but it still barely, and I mean barely, survived.
  • I sprayed some stain remover on a little spot on a couch cushion. I didn't feel like dirtying a whole new cloth, so I grabbed a paper towel to scrub with. Well, the paper towel was patterned, which meant that the green dye from the pattern was transferred to our white couch. So, then that had to be bleached again, even though I just washed {and then ironed - not a fun task!} all the cushions a few weeks ago.
  • We always, always, always get stains on our placemats. And since we usually only do laundry once a week {because we have to pay $1 per load for it} the stains don't always come off. Well, I bought new placemats and made a big deal about removing the stains after each meal. But, then I tried to iron them. And they're cut from indoor/outdoor fabric. And I burnt them, of course.
Adam came home to find his wife looking like this. And no dinner on the table.

Sad Day

So, I hope you learned from yesterday's events that I absolutely do not have it together. I learned that it's time to give up on placemats.


  1. lol! Love the Arrested Development clip!

    As for placemats, they look cute, but they're such a pain. I say ditch them. I used to have the same problem with our pretty real-cloth tablecloths that I would use. After every meal, they were already filthy looking. I got so tired of washing grease stains out all the time. So I just switched to vinyl ones. True, they are not as charming looking, but they make life a billion times easier! Maybe consider the same with your placemats.

  2. You're funnY. You always have your act together
    in my opinion. That was a stroke of bad luck yesterday and these things happen. My placemat suggestion? I found these fabulous ones from TjMaxx almost two years ago that were cork on the bottom and some sort of something wipe-offable on the top. They don't work for every season, but I do love that they never need to be washed/ironed. Let us not be fooled though, I still have the classics and grumble every time I iron them because they never look as nice as the day you bought them.

    Ps. Arrested Development Charlie Brown moments! Love it. That's one of our favorite parts of Arrested Development! :)

  3. We have brown placemats, and they're wonderful because even if they do get stains... they don't show up! Haha. They're from Pier 1 and I love them, but I only have 5 instead of 6 because one went through the washing machine on accident and shrunk to about 1/2 its normal size. But I hand-wash the other 5 and they do great!

    LOVE the honesty of this post. :)

  4. I sympathize about the placemats. I had some pretty chiffon ones, which was a terrible, terrible idea. They get holes when you are too lazy to wash them, which I always am. We have to pay $2 a load, which is crazy.

    I do have a solution though!
    On a complete stroke of luck, I found a pack of PAPER placemats at TJMaxx. You get 24 for $3.99. They look just as adorable as fabric ones, always lay flat, and when they get gross, you chuck em.
    I'm pretty sure you could also totally make them with pretty scrapbooking paper.


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