Have you met anyone famous?

I met Jane Seymour {aka Dr. Quinn} at a benefit when I interned at the Houston Holocaust Museum. I got to shake Jon Bon Jovi's hand when I was in the marching band at Pitt and we played at Notre Dame.

Our friend Christina got to sit next to the First Lady at dinner during her graduation from West Point. It was a little weird seeing pictures of Mrs. Obama pop up on my Facebook newsfeed!

If I could share a meal with any celebrity, I would want to meet Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. I wouldn't mind if Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph joined us too.

Tina & Amy
Tina & Amy in Baby Mama.

Maya & Kristen
Maya & Kristen in Bridesmaids.

Actually, to be honest, I would be way too nervous to have lunch with my favorite actresses. I'd really prefer to just watch them through one of those sneaky double-sided mirror things.

Do you think they'd be cracking jokes the whole time? Or would they just complain about their husbands like all American girlfriends?

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