We didn't register for china when we got married. Actually, we didn't even register for dishes. Our current dishes are a plain white set my deal-scoring mom found on clearance at Kohl's.

At twenty-one years old, I couldn't handle picking out the dishes we would have for the rest of our lives. Well, that might be a little bit of an overstatement. But, still, it was just too big of a decision.

Now, that I'm a year older and wiser, I think I've decided on our forever-or-at-least-a-very-long-time dishes.

I want to start collecting Fiestaware.

Fiesta Dishes

I looooove color. I'd love to have twelve place settings - two of each color of the rainbow. I know there are seven colors of the rainbow, but just go with it people.

Wouldn't it be so fun for kids to get to pick out what color plate they wanted for dinner each night? But maybe that would be too complicated and each kid would have to pick a color and stick with it.

It will take many, many birthdays and Christmases to amass my collection. But I'll get there one day!


  1. We are getting Fiestaware for our everyday dinnerware!! But it's the antique Fiestware, inherited from my Grandma. :) My mom's family has been using Fiestware since it was first made!

  2. I see Fiestaware at thrift stores sometimes, but it's usually just one or two pieces. You could collect them that way, and for cheap, if you have the time to go looking.


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