Home Tour: Bedroom

I'm back with the very last installment of our home tour. Whew!

Bedroom July 2011

Here's the view of the bedroom from the living room. I definitely didn't snap these photos during the best time of day, so sorry about the weird lighting. That window fan is our saving grace in the summer. The curtains are from Ikea and the curtain rods from Lowes - both were the cheapest options available. The art arrangement between the two windows is a bunch of polaroids borrowed from my parents.

Bedroom July 2011

The focal point of the room is, of course, our bed. My parents very generously bought us a queen mattress as a wedding present. When I burned our comforter by sticking it in a too-small dryer, we just picked a plain white one. The dust ruffle and pillows are from our old bedding. Except for the cute Texas pillow {with a heart over Houston} which was sewn by our friend Kailin.

The lamps and night stands are hand-me-downs from Adam's parents. We spray painted them, of course. And the leather storage bench {which holds air mattresses and Christmas decorations} is from Target. Under the bed, we each have a storage box. Mine holds wrapping and craft supplies. Adam's has tools and notebooks from old math courses.

Bedroom July 2011

The bed from the other side. We have laundry hampers {cheapies from Ikea} in the corner, one for darks and one for lights. Above the hampers are a clearance mirror from Home Goods {perfect for doing my hair & make up when the bathroom is stifling} and a canvas print of a favorite wedding picture.

Above the bed, we have three wire wall letters from PB Teen, spelling our initials. Although I actually sleep on the A side and Adam sleeps on the C side. Weird. We painted the red hearts on a high school date to a ceramics place. The frames on our nightstands hold engagement pictures. The nightstands themselves are pretty empty, we pretty much just keep our cell phone chargers and bibles in them.

Bedroom July 2011

Here's a shot of the other side of the room. Our tiny closet, mantel with no fireplace and dresser. I forgot to take a picture of our closet, but it's pretty basic. Adam has the top rack, I have the bottom, our shoes are stored in an over-the-door rack, and we keep our laundry basket {which holds our detergent and iron when not in use} on the floor. We keep our luggage on the shelf up top. Our clothes are arranged by color, just like our bookshelves.

Bedroom July 2011

Above the mantel, we have our favorite wedding picture and some Anthro dishtowels that are way too pretty to actually use. The mantel itself has some knick-knacks, a shadow box of Europe souvenirs and a frame holding two vintage postcards from Pittsburgh and Houston.

Bedroom July 2011

Here is our Ikea Hemnes dresser. I know it's small, but it's really all we need. We each have a drawer for pajamas, socks and underwear. The last drawer holds both of our shorts and swim suits. The left side of the dresser top has my jewelry box and perfume. The right side has Adam's cologne and a basket of random things - cufflinks, sunglasses and goggles. Above the dresser, we have two maps from These Are Things.

Bedroom July 2011

And I will conclude the tour in the far corner of the bedroom, where we have a trunk from my dorm days holding our extra linens and a colorful little storage box that my belts & scarves call home.

Bedroom To-Do List:
- Find or make a duvet cover. Or better yet, beg Adam's mom to make us a quilt.
- Paint all of our wall frames white. I'm just not liking the black frames.
- Save our pennies for this bed frame.

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  1. Love the Anthro dishtowels ... I got those from Christine at my bridal shower! :)


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