Shoe Lust

Natasha's cute post earlier today got me thinking. I am very, very, very boring when it comes to footwear. 99% of the time, I wear these three pairs.


Black flats, brown flats and gray converse. I buy a new pair of each every year when Famous Footwear is having a sale.

Of course, I do have a few more pairs that I break out occasionally. Sneakers, heels when it's absolutely necessary and a real ugly pair of winter weather shoesies.

Lately, I have been on the look out for a pair of colorful flats to wear with black dresses and such. I think my true love, Boden, has answered the call.

Cutest Shoes Ever

Yes, I know they are moccasins and not flats, but aren't they beautiful? And how often do you find shoes in turquoise and coral, my two favorite colors of all time?

Alas, they are still almost $60 and I am positive they would be vetoed by my cheap {and wise} husband. But maybe if I proclaim my undying love for them publicly he will come around?

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  1. Will you please tell me where you found these shoes. My wife is dying for these and I would love to get them for her for Christmas. Tylerwilson16@gmail.com


You are awesome.