The Wonders of Spray Paint

As I've mentioned before, our apartment is really poorly lit. So, in an effort to brighten things up a bit {and also to make things a little more cohesive} I recently took down all our black frames and spray painted them white.

They were mostly in our bedroom. Like over our dresser.

White Frames

And above our laundry hampers.

White Frames

And on the mantel. I also switched out the previously cream mat in the biggest frame for a crisp white one. Definitely worth the three bucks.

White Frames

In the living room, the signature frame from our wedding was the last victim.

White Frames

I completed the mini makeover with a felt flower garland that only ran me $2 in supplies. And some new house plants that were found for less than a buck each on clearance at Lowes. I was a little surprised to find that Lowes has a clearance section just for plants. I'm guessing they're already about 70% dead, but I thought it'd give 'em a shot anyway.

It's hard to tell in these pictures because I always forget to get out the camera when our apartment is actually decently lit, but the black-to-white transformation made a surprisingly big difference!

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  1. Love the new felt flower garland! It's SO cute. Craft time! I need to learn how to make!


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