Happy Halloween!

We kicked off our Halloween celebration on Friday night by watching an Alfred Hitchcock classic.

Dial M for Murder

It's not super scary {trust me, this is coming from someone who is legitimately still scared of The Little Mermaid - that Ursula!} just very suspenseful.

On Saturday, we attended the Newman Center costume party. A bunch of Catholic guys live in a house a together, which they call Tilbury, and host the event every year.

Hallowen Costumes

Halloween Costumes

We went as a trash can and recycling bin! We like couple costumes, but Adam's rule is nothing too cutesy. {Last year, we were Mario and Luigi.} These costumes were a little pricey, because we bought the supplies new from Lowe's to the tune of $20, but were really easy to pull off. Adam just used a pocket knife to cut arm and leg holes in each.

On Sunday, we had our All Saints' Day festivities at Sunday School, which I mentioned earlier that we were in charge of planning. Last week, we had each student draw a Saint out of a hat. We asked them to research their assigned Saint over the week. We also gave everybody a mini pumpkin and asked them to decorate it to represent their Saint somehow.

All Saints' Day Party

This week, everybody that presented their Saint in class got a little Halloween treat {aka candy}. We turned the pumpkins into a contest and appointed ourselves as judges. The elementary winner received the Loyola Kids' Book of Saints and the middle school winner received Ablaze: Stories of Daring Teen Saints. We had almost 100% participation!

We didn't get around to carving our pumpkins until today. We felt pretty silly doing it so late in the game, but since the pumpkins were free {leftover decorations from the barn dance} we excused ourselves. Here they are, transformed into jack-o-lanterns on our front stoop.


P.S. Have you heard the story of the jack-o-lantern? I hadn't till this year!

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