Baby Steps: A Real Family

When we visited a few weeks back, our sister-in-law Kate asked what we're most looking forward to about becoming parents.

The answer was easy. We can't wait to be a real, official family. Right now, we're just a couple, you know? But Baby will make us a family.

We're so excited to have someone to share holidays with and to establish our own little family traditions. As we were celebrating Halloween this weekend, we realized that we'll have an almost seven month old this time next year.

We haven't really done any baby shopping yet. As the first grandchild on either side of the family, somebody is already being spoiled rotten by their grandparents!

Baby Halloween Outfit

But we couldn't resist purchasing a perfect-for-the-pumpkin-patch outfit on the clearance rack at Old Navy!

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  1. I've always thought the phrase "start a family" is so weird (as in "when are you going to start a family?"). I guess I just thought of us as becoming a "family" of our own on the day we got married, if not before! I always want to reply... what? We already started one! Haha.

    We may be just a little family of two, but we're a family nonetheless with lots of love and traditions! As far as I'm concerned, you guys have been a family for quite some time now! Your family's just getting a bit bigger. :o)


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