Highs and Lows

Totally forgot to do this on Friday. Better late than never?

Highs and Lows


Adam: Playing rugby with friends from the Newman Center this afternoon.

Caitlin: Adam walking to Panera to buy me a bagel for breakfast this morning, which was dubbed a "wife appreciation" bagel.


Adam: The never-ending pile of grading to do for his TA job. And how bad the grades always are. Poor college algebra kiddos.

Caitlin: Three year old temper tantrums. While nanny-ing on Thursday, we may have gotten into a very intense argument about using the potty, which consisted of "I don't have to go!" and "Well, you have to try" back and forth. I won in the end. And he totally had to go, of course. Although, it's actually really cute when he tries to slam the door to his room, but can't because he's too little.

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