2011: Accomplisments

It's always funny to look back on your resolutions, don't you think?

2011 Accomplishments
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We didn't make much headway on the resolution front, but we're pretty proud of our accomplishments in 2011.


Graduated from college.
Became an American citizen.
Organized all our photos on Flickr.
Learned to knit, bake bread and use a sewing machine.
Read 29 books.


Presented at three research conferences.
Participated in a math modeling competition.
Kicked butt on the GRE and math subject test.
Got a job offer from a major software company.
Read 18 books.

Together, we...

Made a baby.
Bought our first car.
Grew tomatoes, carrots and green beans in our garden.
Watched every episode of Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond.
Traveled to four new states - Indiana, Missouri, West Virginia and Washington.

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