2012 Resolutions: January to June

Give the apartment a good spring cleaning. {I dust, vacuum and generally wipe things down about once a week. Twice a year, I try to really deep clean the place. Dust the blinds, scrub out the fridge, all that good stuff. In the fall, this took most of my free time for the month of September.}

Read one history-related book. {I hope to read more than one book during this time, of course, but I'd like for one to be history-related to keep up with that knowledge.}

Paint our tv stand white. {In our next apartment, I want to create a little media center with each white bookshelf flanking our soon-to-be-white tv stand.}

Create a usable recipe binder. {My current binder requires handwriting the recipes on note cards, which means I basically never update it. I need a new system that involves typing.}

Make a photo book documenting our college years. {Right now, we have one from our wedding, one from our semester abroad, and one full of growing up & high school photos. After this one's out of the way, I plan to start making yearly photo books. I haven't decided what to do with May to December 2012 though. Lump it in with 2013? Have one awkward book that's just for six months? Time will tell.}

Prepare for Baby's arrival. {Attend childbirth classes, pack a hospital bag, set up the car seat and pack-n-play. You know us, we've got a whole checklist.}

After Baby arrives, send out birth announcements and get he or she baptized.

Visit everyone we know on the East Coast in one epic trip. {To include Ottawa, Orlando, New Orleans and Houston. The best idea with an infant? Probably not. Let's hope we live to tell the tale.}

Pack up our apartment and move across the country to Seattle!

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