Christmas Festivities

My grandpa's funeral was on Friday, December 23. Since last-minute international travel is mighty expensive {not to mention that we left our passports in Pittsburgh} only my parents were able to be there.

Christmas Eve

So, our plans for Christmas changed at the last minute. We {including my siblings, Allie and Scott} had dinner with Adam's family on Christmas Eve. Then, we finally got to accomplish one of our life goals - attending Midnight Mass!

Midnight Mass

We went to Allie's church downtown, Holy Rosary. It was so pretty inside, not at all like most of the churches in Houston, which are usually really modern.

Mass was beautiful. We really, really wanted to go this year because we figured it might be our last chance for a while. You know, since it's a little past kid bedtime. But we saw a lot of children there that were amazingly well-behaved, so maybe we'll give it a shot again in the future.

Midnight Mass

We slept in pretty late Christmas morning {since we got home around 2:00 a.m.} and had a pancake breakfast with Allie and Scott. We spent the afternoon opening presents with Adam's family, while Allie and Scott picked up my parents from the airport.

Then, we had a combined Burch-Crawford Christmas dinner. So much fun! We're really glad our families are friends.

Christmas Dinner

It wouldn't be Christmas without crackers. It's basically my goal to make our families wear silly hats for every holiday.

Christmas Dinner

And, of course, Adam's mom baking tons of cookies. Scott was pretty much in heaven.

Scott Loves Cookies!

The next morning, we opened presents with my family and broke out my mom's new waffle maker for brunch.


It was a very good Christmas, indeed.

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