Five on Friday

1. It's been the perfect weather lately for hunkering down inside - crafting and catching up on Parenthood.

Winter Crafting

2. We went to see The Iron Lady over the weekend. Inspirational British historical movies {like The Young Victoria and The King's Speech} are pretty much my favorite thing ever, so I was really excited to see this one about Margaret Thatcher. I even convinced Adam to splurge on the $5 before noon price, rather than waiting for it to come to the dollar theater. But most of the movie was just about Margaret Thatcher as a sad, lonely old lady in the early stages of dementia. She's still alive, people! We thought it was so disrespectful. I mean, can you imagine a movie about Jimmy Carter or George Bush Sr. in advanced old age? That would just be rude.

3. We forgot to turn down our heat while we were away for Christmas break and this is how we were rewarded. Ouch!

Super Expensive Heating Bill

4. I really like this Catholic supermom's blog. Her post about their nighttime prayer routine was right up my alley.

5. Lesson I've learned as a nanny - always be prepared for car seat naps.

Prepared for Car Seat Naps


  1. Sometimes I forget to turn the heat down when I leave the apartment in the morning; today I came back and it was so warm inside, and my first thought was "uh oh..." We had a pretty high bill over break too, but it was an estimate--and no WAY did we use as much heat as they estimated we did! So I'm hoping that this month's bill is really low. :)

  2. I just spent a good part of yesterday evening and this morning reading that blog (#4). Wow. Beautiful!


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