Ashes to Ashes

Saint Francis' Basilica
{two years ago, we got to spend ash wednesday at st. francis' basilica in assisi}

Well, it's Ash Wednesday. The first day of Lent. We've thought long and hard over the last month to determine our Lenten resolutions:

1. Exercising every day.

At eight months pregnant, for me this means going on a thirty-minute walk. For Adam, it means going for a run or working out at the gym on campus. We don't like to use Lent as just an excuse for self-improvement, but we really don't like exercising in the winter so it will be quite penitential, trust me. And if this has the side benefit of bringing a certain baby into the world a little sooner than expected, well, that's fine with me!

2. Unplugging the internet in our apartment.

Our problem with the internet is that we check it too frequently. It is such a distraction and a big time-waster. But this doesn't mean we'll completely avoid the internet for the next forty days. We are going to let ourselves get on the internet at the campus computer lab once a day for no more than an hour. {And I'll have to walk there, which coincides perfectly with our first resolution.} At home, we will let ourselves turn on the internet to watch things on Hulu and Netflix, but that's it. We want to learn to use the internet in a responsible manner. It's going to be really hard, but it will be so good for us.

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