Baby Steps: Birth Classes

Baby Momma Birth Class
{a funny birth class scene from baby momma}

We've been keeping ourselves busy lately taking lots of classes at the hospital.

Birth Classes: Once a week, we've spent an evening learning about the birth process, pain management options and comfort techniques. We still have one class and our hospital tour left.

Infant Care: We went to a session all about baby safety, where we learned about things like infant CPR, choking hazards and the latest SIDS research.

Nursing Prep: We also went to a seminar that covered everything you could want to know about nursing, without having actually tried it.

I wouldn't say attending any of these classes has been absolutely necessary, but they've helped us feel a lot more prepared about this whole parenting thing. Plus, our health insurance reimbursed most of the cost, so why not?

We got our baptism prep out of the way too. We met with a priest at the Newman Center to talk about the basics. If all goes well health-wise for Baby, we're planning to visit our families in Houston for a few weeks this summer and have the baptism while we're there. So, our priest at the Newman Center will write a letter to our parents' parish, giving us permission to baptize. After Baby arrives, we'll just have to finalize the date.

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  1. The birth class at our hospital was full and we are on a waiting list. :-/ I feel like we can get all the information through reading, but like you said, something about taking a class just makes you feel more prepared ...


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