Five on Friday

1. Our Valentine's date night was obviously very romantic.

Valentine's Dinner

2. We've been doing a little college savings research. According to this calculator, if tuition keeps increasing at the same rate, it will cost $175,000 per year to send Baby to Notre Dame.

3. I finished Adam's hat! He would make an excellent model, don't you think?

New Hats

4. My favorite author, Sophie Kinsella, released a new book this week. Too bad there's a hundred people in front of me requesting it at the library.

5. Our kitchen is officially clean! Two rooms down, two to go.

Chalkboard Menu

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  1. Too funny! We actually ended up doing Valentine's Day dinner at a Chick-fil-A too! We were somewhere in North Carolina with Jeff's parents (on our way from the Charlotte airport to Columbia, South Carolina for Jeff's uncle's funeral).

    We're having a replacement Valentine's Day tomorrow though, since the real Valentine's Day ended up full of unexpected plane flights and sad stuff. I don't know where we'll eat though... I don't really care as long as I get some pretty flowers! :)


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