Five on Friday

1. My sister is coming to visit for her spring break!! I could not be more excited to see her. It's doubtful, but wouldn't it be great if Baby arrived while she was here?


2. We went to see The Muppets at the dollar theater last weekend. We are big Flight of the Conchords fans, so we had to see it after we learned that they wrote the music. It was really ridiculous and really funny.

3. We're in the midst of doing our taxes today. Oh, I will not miss these days of having nine different sources of income a year!


4. Did you know that Ash Wednesday, which isn't even a holy day of obligation, has the third highest mass attendance, after Christmas and Easter? I think it's because people like feeling all special and Catholic, which to me means we should embrace all of the Church's traditions, not try to downplay them.

5. The living room is officially clean. Only one room left to go, thank goodness.

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