Aunt Allie

Remember how I told you my sister was coming for her spring break and we were kinda, sorta hoping Claire would arrive while she was visiting?

Claire, Day Twelve

Well, Aunt Allie got even more than she wished for! She was such a great help last week. She stocked up our pantry, filled our freezer with meals, made sure our house was clean, and got all our baby gear set up. In between visiting her niece in the NICU four times a day. We seriously can't thank her enough.

Claire, Day Nine

Adam's second-oldest brother, Steve, and his wife, Elizabeth, live in Pittsburgh too. They've also been a huge help lately. Not to mention all our awesome friends who dropped off meals every day last week and stopped by to visit Claire in the hospital. We sure know a lot of great people.

Claire's grandparents and the rest of her aunts and uncles are coming to visit at the end of April. We're counting down the days!

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