Five on Friday

1. All winter, Adam has gotten together with some guys from the Newman Center to play rugby. Thanks for snapping all these great photos from their last game, Katie!

Newman Center Rugby

2. Our upstairs neighbors are the worst. I know that's what you get for living in a cheap apartment in a student neighborhood, but still. We are really tired of their loud music all the time. Sometimes when we're laying awake debating whether or not to tell them turn it down for the third time that night, we concoct elaborate fantasies that involve breaking into their apartment and hiding dirty diapers all over the place.

3. I am officially done with spring cleaning. What a great feeling!

Bedroom January 2012

4. Wasn't the finale of Parenthood so good? But I am not okay with them ending the season in February. What I am going to do with myself until next September?

5. Yesterday was my last day of nannying and Sunday is my last day of teaching SAT classes. I won't miss lecturing about test-taking strategies, but I will definitely miss these two.

Ben and Abby

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  1. In a month or so your neighbors will have a baby waking up in the middle of the night and crying downstairs ... maybe that counts as poetic justice? ;)


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