Baby Gear: Big Ticket Items

Big Ticket Items

Shopping for baby gear was an overwhelming process for me, so I thought I'd share what we decided on over the next few weeks.

- Graco alano travel system. This was a very generous baby present from my parents. We went with this stroller and car seat combo because it was affordable and had good safety ratings. Plus, the family I nannied for had the exact same one, so I was comfortable with how it all worked.

- Fisher Price space saver swing and seat. The name says it all: a small swing and vibrating seat combo. What's not to love?

- Baby Bjorn classic carrier. We've heard lots of folks rave about the Ergo carrier, but we went with the Bjorn simply because it was half the price. We'll let you know if we come to regret this decision.

- Graco newborn napper pack-n-play. We found this guy on sale half price at Target. We're actually not using the extra bassinet and changing pad. The bassinet is covered in a fleece material, so we figured it was a SIDS risk. But at half price, it was still cheaper than a basic pack-n-play, so we're happy with it.

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