Baby Gear: Clothes and Blankets

Baby Clothes and Blankets

We're so thankful for all the baby clothes and blankets we've received from generous family and friends.  We really haven't had to purchase much ourselves yet, just a few clearance holiday outfits for next year and some special occasion things {like her Easter dress and Pitt gear for Adam's graduation}. But here are a few of our favorite things thus far:

- Nightgowns. They make those 3 a.m. diaper changes that much quicker. We don't worry about her little feet getting cold thanks to the next item on our list. 

- Wearable blankets. Claire absolutely hates being swaddled. She will wriggle and wriggle until her arms are free. We don't mind too much, though, because the latest SIDS research says not to swaddle your baby while they're sleeping. These wearable blankets {from Dwell Studio for Target} keep her cozy instead. 

- Sticky hair bows. You could definitely make them yourself, if you're a bow-tying expert, but Claire's collection is from Etsy. We use KY jelly to make them stick. 

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