Five on Friday

Duquense Incline

Duquense Incline

Duquense Incline

1. Those pictures above are from a trip to the Duquense Incline. We've spent the last two weeks seeing friends and visiting our favorite Pittsburgh spots one last time. 

2. Claire has been really hungry lately, so she's been eating every two hours. I've spent a lot of that feeding time reading interior design blogs {particularly this one}. I'm so excited to have a new home to decorate! 

3. Shortly Adam will have a real job and we'll have real money. Hooray! That's got us thinking about being smart consumers, especially after reading this post by Simcha Fisher. We want to spend our money at places that share our values, but we don't want to become obsessed with doing so. Where to draw the line?

4. We discovered a new favorite restaurant in Pittsburgh, right before we have to leave. We've been to The Porch twice in the last two weeks and we're eating there again tonight for our last official meal in the city.

5. As a combined Mother's and Father's Day gift, we splurged on a Kindle Touch. We love all the old books you can download for free. I'm reading the Anne of Green Gables series and Adam is reading the John Carter series. So far we've haven't had any problems with sharing, but we'll see!


  1. We have a shared kindle too! It's so great :) We bought ours reburbed off woot.com one day... It's so much easier than carrying a purse full of books on road trips or plane trips. Worth every penny!

    Also, we are struggling with #3 too...with food, things, places, etc. It's a hard line to find. I don't want to be judgmental of our friends either, but we don't always want to spend money on the same things they do. We're trying to find a polite way of having these conversations with them.

  2. I (re)read Anne last summer and loved it so much.

    As for #3... its something we ought to work on too. For now, my big no-no's are the companies that are really vocal about things. So no Home Depot. No Macy's and their gay pride parades. But those are fairly easy for me too--I'm not sure I can give up Target! And I'm pretty sure my husband will never give up Starbucks. Its tough to know where to draw the line...


You are awesome.