Five on Friday

1. Here are some videos of Claire rolling over and enjoying bath time. Please excuse my annoying mom voice.

2. Claire has a cousin! Jeff, Adam's oldest brother, and his wife, Jenn, welcomed their daughter, Estelle Grace, into the world last week. We are so excited that Claire has a cousin so close in age and we can't wait to get those girls together at Christmas!

3. An update on Claire's weight gain. She finally crossed the ten-pound threshold, hurray! And she's been napping a lot better too. By a lot better, I mean that I lay down with her on our bed until she's fast asleep and then I sneak away. But we'll take it for now.

4. As far as adding formula goes, what's worked well for us is nursing for a feeding, then giving a bottle for the next feeding, and so on. It's so freeing! I love not being chained to the couch all day, reading on the Kindle while Claire eats and eats. We are finally conquering the never-ending list of errands that comes with moving. By which I mean going to Target every day to pick up that one thing I forgot the day before.

5. My sister is in town visiting for the next two weeks! I could not be more excited. The last month has been a little lonely. Although not as bad as expected, since I've been so busy unpacking and taking care of Claire that I haven't had time to miss human contact. It's so great to have her here!


  1. Presh! Can Claire come over and teach Audy rolling, she is really stubborn about it, and uses it only when necessary. Also, we are like twins. I can't remember anything at the store. My gas tank (and my husband) hates me. Also, there's is something freeing about formula. No doubt. I remember feeling that way with Katherine. And now that I'm weaning, it's a nice feeling again. And, it does get lonely in a new place, my human contact is limited as well. That's how I keep justify all my store trips...human contact.

  2. Haha... when we moved I was at WalMart (closest Target is 30 minutes away) almost every day!

    Have fun with your sister!

  3. What a cutie!! I am trying to convince Michael to roll over but he's not there yet. :)

  4. Also that is the only way I can get Michael to nap, too ...


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