Five on Friday


1. As illustrated above, Claire has been really interested in food lately! She may have even knocked a bag of candy into her stroller at the grocery store yesterday.

2. So, our wedding photographer was a family friend that my sister used to babysit for all the time. She gave us a great discount and was so much fun to work with. Our photo package included some prints and a DVD slideshow of images. Well, as we were unpacking we finally opened the DVD for the first time and it turns out that she actually gave us all the images, not just a slideshow! So many pictures that I haven't seen before! I feel really dumb and I kind of want to redo our whole wedding photo book now...

3. Speaking of feeling dumb, I had a Shutterfly gift card to use, so I ordered change of address announcements. But, since our friends are mostly just out of college and moving around all the time, I had to email a bunch of people asking for their new addresses...so I could mail them something with my address on it.

4. And speaking of emails, I was super impressed with how many of our friends responded the same day. Adam and I are the worst at responding to emails, texts, and phone calls right away. Seriously, I never check my voice mail until it's full. We are way ashamed and have vowed to get better!

5. My mom uniform the past couple months has been one of these skirts {seriously so comfortable; they're like yoga pants but in skirt form} and a v-neck tee. Most of my shirts are from Old Navy and Target. They all seem to stain and get holes really easily, so I bit the bullet and ordered four shirts from J. Crew, hoping they'd hold up better. But it's only been a month and three of them are already stained or torn! I guess it's back to the drawing board. Does anyone have a favorite store for basic, reasonably-priced and durable tees?


  1. I like Land's End or, believe it or not, Kmart's Basic line. (Same company now...)

  2. give that baby a bite! ;) my momma uniform is similar! and i love the vintage tees from old navy. and the boyfriend tees from target. they do wear out quickly but i feel like they're on sale often enough that i can just get more.. plus target almost always has a coup for $2 off or something like that.


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