Grandparents in the House!

My parents and little brother, Scott, came to visit for the weekend. 

Grandparents and Scott Visit

We watched the Olympics and hit up the only Seattle attractions we've discovered so far {Pike Place Market and Spud's}. It was a very good visit, indeed. 

The reason they came to visit is because my dad's job was recently transferred. On Saturday, they are moving to Shanghai, China! Hopefully just for the next three years, until my brother finishes high school. 

We would love to visit them while they're living abroad. We're debating whether to take Claire this Christmas {when she's still sort of immobile, fingers crossed} or to visit by ourselves when she's old enough to stay with her other gracious grandparents. 

After all the traveling we've done this summer, the prospect of taking a nine-month old on a twenty hour flight and then dealing with a jet-lagged baby doesn't sound so appealing. We shall see!


  1. Michael is taking a 7 hour train ride this weekend ... we'll see how that goes.

    How exciting to be able to travel to China! I would miss my parents a ton--do you think it will feel different to have them far away in China vs far away in Texas?

  2. 1. claire looks like a baby doll!
    2. everyone else is wearing khaki shorts, you missed the memo!
    3. why am i not in this picture?!


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