Five on Friday

1. My quest for an animal hat came to a happy end at Pike Place Market. Somehow, I don't think Claire is quite as excited as I am about it. 

Animal Hat!

2. Adam and I trying this new thing where we eat less dessert. Revolutionary, huh? But, of course, I had to bake something for our visitors last weekend and it had to be something special because there's a lot less baking happening around these parts nowadays. Adam was really craving chocolate, while I wanted something pumpkin-y to get in the fall-yay-we-won't-see-the-sun-until-next-summer spirit. So, we compromised with this chocolate pumpkin bundt cake. I was worried the pumpkin would be overwhelming, so I added a cup of chocolate chips. The verdict? Deliciously chocolatey with the perfect hint of pumpkin spice.

Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

3. Okay, fall is actually really pretty here so far.

Fall Leaves

4. Claire has finally realized how boring I am and has started getting really excited when her dad gets home from work. Her favorite place is on top of his shoulders.


5. The year of faith started yesterday! Are you excited? We used the kick-off as an excuse to finally sign up for adoration at our new parish. We're also getting a portion of the catechism delivered to our email inbox each day. I thought this list of ideas was pretty great, too.

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