Five on Friday

Her Favorite Toy

 1. Claire's favorite car seat/stroller toy is this little blue dog that plays "rockabye baby." If you have also have a child that is crazy attached to something, you won't be surprised that we've never washed him. Until we got a good whiff last weekend and decided it was {way past} time. Well, after said washing, the dog wouldn't play music for a few days. Then he started playing randomly all the time! Creepy. When Adam woke up to that song at 4:15 in the morning, the poor dog got sent to the storage closet on the balcony until his batteries die.

2. My sister and one of Adam's coworkers mentioned that they wanted to see the new movie about Lincoln and we both thought they were talking about Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. So, clearly, we need to get out more...

3. We bought a coupon book the last time we were having lunch at Whole Foods and decided we needed to get out of our Whole Foods/Chipotle/Panera rut. It's definitely kicked our butts into gear and made us try new places here in Seattle! On Saturday, we had lunch at a Mexican place as part of our never-ending quest to find good Mexican food outside of Texas.

Tres Hermanos

Can you believe we have a daughter big enough to sit in a restaurant high chair? And feed herself a cheese quesadilla?

Tres Hermanos

4. We also got ice cream at Molly Moon's. So delicious! And so fancy. Like there's not even the glass screen in front of gallons of ice cream kind of fancy.

Molly Moon's

5. What did you guys do with your Thanksgiving leftovers? So far we've had turkey enchiladas and turkey pot pie. And we're only about halfway through our turkey stash!


  1. Turkey enchiladas sound amazing! And I totally made the same assumption when my father-in-law mentioned the Lincoln movie, lol.

    I had a stuffed singing gorilla that started doing the same thing ... there were many nights it ended up at the bottom of the stairs because it would start singing demented, creepy music in the middle of the night.

  2. I made the same soup I did last year... (http://justthinkoflovelythings.blogspot.com/2011/11/leftover-turkey.html) And I'll probably make it once more. And that will be all of our leftovers! Between my husband and his brother, they ate all the turkey but what I stashed in the freezer for soup!

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