Thankful #4: Blogging


There are many reasons why blogging is my favorite hobby and creative outlet. I started this journal at the end of my sophomore year in college and so much has changed since then! It's really fun to read entries from our dating days, our engagement, our newlywed life, expecting our first child, and that crazy newborn season. Of course, I also love that blogging has allowed me to keep in touch with faraway friends and even make some new ones. I don't have to tell you that life as a stay-at-home mom can feel pretty isolating. It's so nice to read blogs written by other young moms who just get it, you know? And I'm so thankful for all the inspiration I've gleaned from my favorite home decor and food bloggers. It's pretty weird to admit that I feel like I know these people I'll probably never meet, but when you're on your own with a baby in a new city, sometimes you have to take that social interaction wherever you can find it!

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