2012: Accomplishments

2012 Accomplishments
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Graduated from college.
Started his first real job.
Changed his first diaper and quickly graduated to expert status.
Finally got that dang shelf hung up in the laundry room. 
Read thirteen books.

Caitlin ....

Had her insides cut open and a baby removed.
Unpacked our new apartment while wearing said baby. 
Relearned how to make dinner and keep the house reasonably clean. 
 Sewed her first article of clothing using a pattern.  
Read thirty-two books.


Exited the womb in a very alarming manner.
Spent two weeks in the NICU recovering from said exit.
Learned how to smile, laugh, babble, and shout.
Was baptized into the Catholic Church.
Learned how to take naps and sleep through the night.
Took six plane rides and three car trips. 
Celebrated her first Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Learned how to roll over, sit up, scoot and stand.
Tripled her birth weight and grew three teeth.


Moved across the country, from Pittsburgh to Seattle.
Swam in the Pacific Ocean for the first time.
Traveled to a new province, British Columbia, bringing our total to ten states and two provinces.
Started eating dinner as family regularly and just generally found our new normal as a family of three.

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