2013 Resolutions: January to June

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Let's check in and see how I did on my resolutions for the second half of 2012:

Find a new apartment, move in, and unpack.  Almost check. We're unpacked and we've done most of the little tasks that come with moving, but we still need to get a new license plate. Our bank is taking forever to send us a copy of the title. There's a distinct possibility we'll own the car outright before they get around to sending it. {Hooray!}

Celebrate Claire's first Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in style.  Almost, almost check. We had a pretty cute family costume, Claire even dressed up for All Saints Day, and we cooked our first official Thanksgiving meal, but I haven't quite finished Claire's homemade Christmas present.

And here are my resolutions for the first half of 2013. I'm excited!

Visit our friends in Pittsburgh. We actually already have this trip planned. We're really dreading the long flight {airplanes with a mobile baby are not much fun} but are so excited to see everyone!

Make a photo book for the previous year. The last photo book I made documented our college experience, so it ended with Adam's graduation in April. I can't decide if I should make another book for the second half of 2012 or lump it in with 2013. I think I'll to go ahead and make the pages in Blurb's software and then decide if there's enough for a whole book.

Teach Claire some baby sign language. I know I will have trouble being consistent with this, but I would love to teach her a few signs so we can communicate more easily. We also need to switch from formula to whole milk and from bottles to sippy cups around her first birthday. We have been trying to get her to drink water from a sippy cup for a while without much success. Any tips?

Send birthday cards. I just love getting real mail. Ever since I became a stay-at-home mom, I have been weirdly excited to check the mail everyday. So I want to spread some snail mail cheer by sending birthday cards to friends, rather than texts, emails, or Facebook posts.

Get out and explore our new city. With this winter weather, we have found ourselves slipping into a weekend rut. Between Claire's naps on Saturday, we usually run an errand and grab a bite for lunch. I don't think we've done any exploring since Halloween! We need to get our act together and spend at least one Saturday a month doing a fun Seattle activity.

Make Claire a quilt for her first birthday. I'm planning to turn the fabric from Claire's monthly photos into a very simple quilt. Here's hoping it involves fewer tears of frustration than my last sewing project...

Build a desk for our bedroom. We have been searching high and low for an affordable, somewhat stylish computer desk that will fit in our bedroom. Call us crazy, but we're thinking maybe we should try building it ourselves? Again, we're thinking very, very simple.

Visit our family in Houston. Both of our sisters are graduating in May, two weeks apart, and we would love to be there to support them. Unfortunately, it's a pretty busy time for Adam at work, so we're not sure what this trip will look like yet. But we're crossing our fingers that everything falls into place!

Make more things from scratch. Speaking of doing the same thing every weekend, we almost always have pizza on Saturday nights and pancakes or waffles after Mass on Sunday. I used to be really good at making those things from scratch, but I've turned to Bisquick and Trader Joe's pizza dough ever since Claire arrived. But now that she's nine months old, I don't think I have much of an excuse anymore. I haven't had much success with it in the past, but I'd also like to give homemade pie crust another try.

Hire a babysitter every other month. We had so much fun on our date night last month! We want to make sure we never go four months without getting out as a couple again. While we'd certainly like to have dates more often than every other month, babysitting is pretty expensive and Claire goes to bed so early now that we still get plenty of couple time.

I also have a few reading resolutions for the entire year: 

One history-related book. I was a history major in college and want to keep up with that knowledge somehow. I re-read the whole Anne of Green Gables series last year and it inspired me to learn more about my native land, Canada!

A spiritual book for the head, the heart, and the soul. I found this idea in one of my favorite books about the liturgical year. I'm planning to read Signs of Life {for the head}, Three to Get Married {for the heart}, and Saints for Catholic Moms {for the soul}.

Of course, I hope to read more than four books throughout the year, but this is just to ensure that I read something other than silly, girly books! What are your plans for the new year?


  1. isaac henry stunk at the sippy until we put milk in it. so that's my tip! ha.

    i like your goals. i'm excited to see your desk!

  2. What dates are you coming to Pittsburgh, again?

    Michael doesn't sign yet but he recognizes the sign for "milk." :)

    Also I got the "Saints for Catholic Moms" book last year, and while I haven't read too much of it, it seems pretty great!

  3. Oh, I really like the idea of making half-year resolutions. A year seems like too long to make sure I'm sticking to my goals. And as long as you post again in 6 months, I *should* remember to revisit them ;)

    And I love the idea of using the monthly fabric to make a quilt! Can't wait to see how it turns out :)


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