Best part of the Sea-Tac airport.

The best part of the Sea-Tac airport. Well, second to the family line at security that let us jump ahead of everyone else!

It's good to be back.

After a long, long day of flying, it was so good to be back.

What if there were two of her?

What if there were two of her?! Claire did much better sleep-wise this time than on our Christmas vacation to Houston. This first night, when we were staying in a hotel, was the roughest. She did not want to sleep in a pack-n-play at all. In the span of two minutes, she cried so much that she made herself throw up and also managed to have a poop explosion.

An attempt at co-sleeping.

After that all went down {at 1:00 am, I might add} we decided to give co-sleeping a shot. She doesn't like to snuggle, though, so she eventually conked out at our feet on the very edge of the bed. Don't worry, we didn't leave her like that!

Baby friends.

Baby friends. Amelia's little ponytail gets me every time!

Lunch with Mr. Pete.

Lunch with Mr. Pete at a favorite Oakland spot, the Porch.

A smile for her godfather!

A smile for her godfather!

Little panthers.

Two little panthers jumping on the bed.

Who is happier to be sitting in my lap? Not my own daughter...

Who is happier to be sitting in my lap? Not my own daughter...

Finally happy to be held, right before we head to the airport.

Finally over her stranger anxiety, right before we head to the airport.

Ready for boarding!

Ready for boarding!

Crossing the Rockies. #latergram

Crossing the Rockies towards home.

What sleeping in until 10:15 looks like. #nevereverhappens

What sleeping in until 10:15 looks like. Sometimes an overtired baby just needs to sleep fourteen hours straight to recover. And her parents didn't mind one bit!

This trip went way, way better than our Christmas vacation less than a month ago. We knew what to expect on the long plane rides and had a better handle on how to keep a busy baby occupied. Claire slept a lot better and was much less anxious around strangers {since everyone had their own cute babies to hold, she wasn't the center of attention}. But, remember how she cut a tooth over Christmas, which brought her immune system down and led to her catching a cold and throwing up a few times?

Well, that happened again! She threw up twice on Sunday morning, but we chalked it up to the few bites of chili she had at the Newman Center chili cook-off the night before. She seemed like her normal self the rest of the day {well, normal overtired and anxious traveling-self} so we didn't think too much of it. When she threw up three more times on Monday {including once on the plane, but then she slept for two hours straight, so we'd still call it the best flight of either trip} we started to worry, although she still wasn't acting sick. In retrospect, it probably wasn't the chili because the girl's had taco meat and refried beans before and been absolutely fine!

She slept in super late on Tuesday, which of course was very weird, but what really put me over the edge was how she fell asleep on the pile of laundry she was "helping" me fold shortly thereafter. I took her to the doctor, who diagnosed it as a stomach virus, and then later that day I spotted the culprit, tooth number five, poking through.

She's definitely on the mend now and only got sick once on Tuesday and Wednesday. So far, so good, today. Is there a baby sign for "I'm about to throw up?" because I'm a little tired of cleaning vomit off the carpet. I had a lot of problems spitting-up as a baby though {in fact, one of my uncles may have called me the worst baby ever} so I guess this is payback.

If you're interested, you can find me researching steam cleaners and figuring out where we can store one in our tiny apartment...

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