Five on Friday

This ruffle pillow brought to you by leftovers for dinner and an extra long nap from the babe.

1. One day this week, I had just planned leftovers for dinner and Claire took a super long nap, so I made a new pillow cover for our bed. I'm always so afraid to take out my sewing machine during nap time. I feel like Claire's bound to wake up as soon as I have everything set up! {I followed this tutorial and it was totally doable for a can-barely-sew-in-a-straight-line novice like myself.}

2. Over the weekend, Adam and I watched the movie, Arranged, which was been sitting in our Netflix instant queue forever. We loved it! It has a really positive message, not about how arranged marriages are great like you might think, but just about how you can get married young and have babies right away and stay home to take care of them and be really happy and not completely crazy.

3. Have you heard about the new Vine app? It is sort of like Instagram except you make six-second stop-motion videos. I was curious, so I made a couple {of Claire, of course.} Wow, it is way harder than taking a photo! Or even just a normal video because you have to edit it as you go. I don't think it's for me. {On the actual app, the videos just keep playing over and over again in a loop.}

4. We were bored one evening and decided to take the Myers-Briggs personality test. I am an ISFJ and Adam is an ISTJ. According to this, we can have a good, but not great marriage. Ha!

And I just ran in for a green pepper. #oops

5. Every so often, I wish we had whipped cream for a specific dessert, but I don't really keep it stocked in the fridge. Enter, shelf-stable whipping cream at Trader Joe's. It's ultra-pasteurized so you don't have to refrigerate until opening. How cool is that?! {Side note: on this TJ's trip, I only ran in for a green pepper. Oops...}


  1. Oh wow! I may have to invest in some of that cream ...

    Love the pilloq! Unfortunately my sewing machine is set up IN the baby's room, so ... no naptime sewing for me.

    I think that I am an ISFJ too, if I remember correctly ... But I think sometimes I test as an INFJ because the S is only 55%. (Or maybe it's the J that's low? lol, it's been a while, but I think it's the S.)

    I like the four temperaments (Melancholic, Phlegmatic, Choleric, Sanguine) better. ;) There's an awesome series of books called "The Temperament God Gave You," and one of them talks about different spousal temperament combinations. :)

  2. supposedly we are the same personality type!?


You are awesome.