Spring Cleaning

Did you know that Holy Week is traditionally when people did their spring cleaning? They would spend all Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday cleaning the house from top to bottom so they could spend Thursday to Saturday in prayer and then rejoicing in the resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Such a good laundry folder. She attributes her skills to the washcloth-as-a-hat.

I am not feeling any motivation for spring cleaning this week {although maybe I'll finally take down the decorations from Claire's birthday party} but I thought I would chat about my cleaning schedule today. 

Monday: vacuum and mop
Tuesday: clean the kitchen
Wednesday: dust the living area and bedrooms
Thursday: clean the bathroom
Friday: change sheets or deep-clean something

Conquering her fears.

By deep-clean something I mean like dust the base boards or wash the couch slipcover. I have a list so I make sure to get to everything, but I usually just go with what seems to need it the most. I also have a laundry schedule. It's pretty simple.

Monday: cloth diapers
Tuesday: darks
Wednesday: cloth diapers
Thursdays: lights 
Fridays: cloth diapers

Always helping...

I actually start the next day's laundry before bed the night before. I move it to the dryer when I wake up. Claire "helps" me fold and put everything away. It's the only chore I do while she's awake, at least right now. Because I am a very scheduled person, I have a schedule for more fun chores too. 

Monday: blog, edit photos, etc
 Tuesday: blog, edit photos, etc
Wednesday: pay bills and update budget
Thursday: blog, edit photos, etc
Friday: iron clothes

Designated mess-maker.

By etc I also mean stuff like ordering something from Amazon or checking ticket prices for whatever trip we're planning next or responding to emails and other correspondence.

Because I am in a nerdy mood today, I'll share my last schedule. Our "outing" schedule for what we do between Claire's naps. It's crucial to both of our sanity to get out of the house everyday! If it's even just somewhat nice outside, we absolutely have to go on walk at some point too.

Monday: music class
Tuesday: grocery store
Wednesday: church play group
Thursday: a more fun store
Friday: library story time

The second the fridge is opened, she zooms over. Without fail.

Music class is in our outdoor mall, so it often involves a little window shopping at Baby Gap. Down side of an outdoor mall: the play place is also outside. Not super convenient when you live in rainy Seattle. By more fun store, I usually mean Target, but sometimes the thrift store or craft store. We live a few minutes walk from the library and story time is pretty short, so we almost always stop somewhere else nearby while we're out, like Trader Joe's or the post office or maybe the French bakery for Saturday morning croissants.

Every day I unload the dishwasher, make the bed, and prepare three meals. If I've finished everything else and Claire is still napping, I sometimes have time to read or work on a craft project. Most of the time, I get to read or craft at night after I tidy up the kitchen, load the dishwasher, pick up the toys, and start the laundry. Of course, there's always plenty of time spent with my husband, often laughing at silly tv shows.

P.S. I sure have a pretty cute little helper, huh? I am very curious to see how this all changes when she moves to only one nap a day!

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  1. i need to get back on a good schedule. i was doing so good there for a little while and then it all fell apart when i got lazy for a few days. i have enjoyed the switch to one nap. now isaac naps for longer, so i can do fun chores and unfun chores all in one nap!


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