This Weekend...

- We went to the parish fish fry and stations of the cross. 

- We worked on some super secret birthday projects.

- We skyped with the China grandparents.

- We swung on the swings, slid down the slide and tried to eat a pine cone at the park. 

Saturday park date! #latergram

- While driving around to let Claire finish her accidental car seat nap, we saw a really cute house for sale near church. Just for fun, we looked it up when we got home. Turns out it's barely a thousand square feet and is being sold "as is" in need of a new roof and with major foundation problems. So that's what $285,000 will get you in Seattle! 

- We watched North by Northwest and caught up on White Collar. 

- We were pleasantly surprised that Claire sat happily in her car seat for the entire Mass! She's rapidly outgrowing the infant seat and we're a little sad that we won't be able to use it at church anymore.

- We met some new friends for lunch at Five Guys. 

- We cheered Claire on as she took a couple steps pushing her doll stroller!

Oh, thin mints. I've been waiting all week for you guys.

- We ate a few too many Thin Mints that we'd been not-so-patiently saving for a Sunday treat.

And we paid off our car! 

Thanks to Adam's signing bonus and our tax refund, we paid off our car loan more than four years early. So excited to have an extra $250 each month to put towards paying off our student loans! 

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  1. Ohh congrats on paying off the car! I know y'all must be so excited to have that done!


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