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Claire is growing up so fast! Apparently she thinks she's old enough to drive now...

She would prefer to be sitting up here though. #onegoingonsixteen

We're official card-carrying Costco members. I find it really hilarious that they put diapers and beer in the same aisle! 

Our second trip of the week was much more successful. P.S. Isn't it kinda funny that they put beer and diapers in the same aisle?!

Both with Claire and this new baby, my biggest pregnancy craving is Chipotle. Adam isn't as devoted to Chipotle as I am, so I'm wondering if it's not actually a craving but just me knowing that I can pull the "I'm pregnant" card and convince him to go there? Either way, we might have eaten there once a week over the last couple months. 

This girl loves Chipotle almost as much as her mama.

Claire is getting closer and closer to walking! She loves to walk around the furniture all day long and has also taken a few steps on her own. 

She'd be happy to walk around the furniture all day long.

The other day my sister called me while she was shopping at Target. What was I doing? Also shopping at Target. We may have both been drinking Coke Icees...

First taste of Coke Icee. #momoftheyear

We've officially said goodbye to formula and bottles! We switched Claire to whole milk first {doing the 75/25 to 50/50 to 25/75 thing}, which wasn't a big deal. We tried to cut out bottles the same way {replacing a bottle with a sippy cup one feeding at a time} but she just wasn't interested at all. So we decided to go cold turkey, using these sippy cups that are designed for weaning. She refused them completely. After a couple days, we tried the sippy cup tops for our bottles instead and they've been the perfect solution. She doesn't drink a ton of milk now {somewhere between eight and sixteen ounces a day} but we make sure she gets plenty of calcium and healthy fats.

Although this picture begs to differ, Claire is NOT HAPPY about this cold-turkey no more bottles thing.

See? She has yogurt and granola for breakfast every morning. She's getting a lot better at feeding herself with the spoon, but I'd say we still have a ways to go. Twice a day baths are becoming more and more common around here!

Time for a bath...

Before kids, I thought I liked making dinner. Now that this scene is almost always happening under my feet while cooking, I'm not so sure. Well, most days Claire switches between taking everything out of the cabinets and pulling on my leg whining for bites of food. Usually I try to do most of the prep work during nap time, though, which avoids most of the craziness.

Well, at least she offered to make lunch!

Claire has all of sudden come down with a bout of carsickness. Since that first day she threw up at Costco three weeks ago, she's thrown up half a dozen more times. Or sometimes on the floor right after we arrive somewhere {sorry Chipotle and Ikea employees!}. We're getting more and more prepared though. We switched her car seat to front-facing and try to make sure she's not hungry or too warm. If all else fails, at least we've got the back seat lined with towels. It's weird that it came on all of sudden like this! We had the pediatrician check for an ear infection, but no dice. We're still sort of hoping it's teething {she definitely seems to get sick to her stomach often when that happens, although it's never been confined to just the car before}. This weekend, we went on a half-hour drive and she didn't puke, the first time that's happened in quite a while, so maybe we're seeing some improvement?

Getting more prepared for this whole carsickness thing.  (She didn't throw up in the car today - yay!! But she did puke on the floor at Ikea so...)

I made Claire a rice box {basically a box of colored rice and some sand toys} to play with on the balcony. It's kind of a huge mess, but it keeps her happy for such a long time that I don't mind one bit!

Looks like the rice box is a hit!

Although she's getting closer and closer to walking, Claire's still working on standing up without anything around to pull up on. So far, she's had some success with the downward dog yoga move. 

Her new favorite thing. (Head stands, not the bag of carrots. Although that might be a close second...)

One of my favorite things about living in an apartment complex is the play structure right downstairs. Now that it's warming up here, it's perfect for killing time before Daddy gets home.

Beautiful weather for the playground.

We had seriously the most gorgeous weather this weekend, so a picnic was called for after Mass yesterday. Giving Claire watermelon in her church attire maybe wasn't the best idea...

After church picnic. Sunday best + watermelon = we're super smart parents, huh?

Her mischievous smile.

This was the incredible view from our picnic spot! Whenever we miss chicken biscuits or chips & queso {or, you know, our families and reasonable home prices} we start fondly thinking of moving back to Texas.  But then we see another beautiful view of the mountains and we're like, yeah, not so sure...

Picnic view. #nofilter

I will leave you with this picture of our baby in a romper.

Babies + rompers. I just can't get enough.

I mean, does it get any cuter?!


  1. That's what it looks like when I make dinner too, haha! Michael also loves cruising and has pulled himself up to standing exactly twice. Not since then though, but he does try. I'm totally impressed with Claire's eating abilities ... I've given Michael his own spoon a few times, but he just loves to wave it around and bang it on things. :)

  2. I also adore Chipotle, and Jeff is kind of "eh" about it. I don't understand him! Haha. I get carsick pretty easily, and the two things that seem to make the biggest difference for me are (1) being well-hydrated, and (2) looking out the window while we drive. I'm not sure how exactly you can get Claire to look out the window, but something about seeing the trees, etc. moving outside of the car makes all the difference for me!


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