Go-To Wedding and Engagement Presents

Do you have go-to wedding or engagement presents? Last year, we ordered a personalized first Christmas ornament for Claire from The Vintage Pearl. I love it! So, when I got an email in early January saying their remaining stock of ornaments were on clearance, I decided to order them for all of our friends and family getting married in 2013. 

Wedding Present

I feel like an "our first Christmas together" ornament isn't something couples would necessarily purchase for themselves {especially that far in advance} but it's a nice thing to have. Unless you're Jewish, I suppose! 

Engagement Present

Adam and I found this book really helpful during our engagement and have taken to sending them to newly-engaged friends. Of course, I wouldn't give it to anyone who might be offended or take it the wrong way, but most of our friends are Catholic. We also have quite a few Protestant friends who we know are open to this kind of thing. This book presents church teaching in a really concrete, easy-to-understand way. Sometimes you need someone to explain exactly what you can or cannot do and why before you jump into Humanae Vitae!

P.S. The "congrats" card in the first picture is from the dollar stationary section at Target. It just says "so happy for you" on the inside, so it's perfect for engagements, weddings, babies, graduations, or anything else you might want to congratulate someone for. I like to keep several in my stationary box, along with some blank notes for thank-yous and some really cute but generic birthday cards.


  1. Really cute ideas. And super relevant because we've reached the age where our friends are FINALLY getting married. Thank you!

  2. That book is awesome, even *after* reading Humanae Vitae!

  3. We love Christopher West! Great idea!

    We have no fewer than 7 "Our First Christmas" ornaments. There might be more, but that's how many I can think of without unpacking the Christmas decor. They're all gifts from people who are very special to us so we love them all, but we only really needed one, you know? Haha! We laugh about it every year when we put up the tree. Yours are really pretty though!


You are awesome.